Pregnancy Beauty Tips

Pregnancy is a magical, beautiful thing — but it might not always feel that way.

Not only is your belly growing, but you’re also experiencing some side effects that may make you feel less pretty. If you’ve previously had body issues or issues with self-confidence, this time may be extra difficult for you.

In this guide, we will help you build up your pregnancy confidence from the inside out. Starting with shifting your mindset to specific beauty tips, by the time you’re finished reading this post, we hope you’ll feel like the gorgeous mother you already are.


Pregnancy Insecurities

People regularly speak about “pregnancy glow” and tabloids always show pregnant celebrities looking stunning, regardless of how far along they are. With these pregnancy stereotypes, you may expect to feel beautiful, but end up feeling worse and wonder why you can’t live up to the image of a gorgeous, glowing pregnant woman.

However, this stereotype is just that: A stereotype. Magazines glorify pregnancy, and they don’t always show the more realistic aspects of carrying a baby.  During pregnancy, every woman feels insecure at one point or another. It’s unrealistic to think that you’ll feel amazing throughout your entire journey. No one expects you to look perfect during pregnancy. The people close to you will understand that you’ve taken on the biggest job of your life: Becoming a mother. And with that, they will expect to see changes month by month.

You’re not alone in your insecurities. Many expecting mothers are insecure about their:

  • Weight
  • Swollen body g pregnancy is becparts
  • Spontaneous morning sickness
  • Increased hair growth
  • General feeling of being less pretty
  • Lower sex drive
  • Increased jealousy in their relationship

Pregnancy Confidence: Mindset Shift

The first step to pregnancy confidence happens inside, not outside. Recognize that every woman, pregnant or not, has insecurities. Instead of wishing that you looked different during pregnancy, start to view it in a new light. Your body is doing everything it needs to hold your baby and keep him or her healthy; that’s pretty amazing. Rather than being harsh on your body, be grateful. Everything you feel insecure about — from your baby belly to your swollen ankles — is simply a symptom of your baby being developed and getting prepared to enter the world.

Stop worrying about the way your body looks while pregnant and start living in the moment. Unless you plan on having more children, this is the only time in your life that you will be pregnant and get to experience the magic of it. Take interest and curiosity in how your body develops during your journey. Notice how your hormones affect your swollen ankles or hair growth. Start to view these nuisances as your body working its magic. You’ll start to realize how intelligent your body actually is.

Remind yourself over and over to be gentle with yourself during this time. Not only is your body changing, but your hormones are also affecting your emotions and insecurities. On public transit, riders give up their seats for pregnant women, and that’s because they realize and respect what they’re going through. Give yourself that same kind of appreciation and respect. You’re already doing an amazing job.

We realize having confidence during pregnancy may be easier said than done, but if you keep reminding yourself of your new perspective, your mindset should slowly begin to shift.

To help re-build your confidence while pregnant, it may be useful to enlist the help of others. Communicate to your partner that you feel less pretty and that you feel down about your looks now that you’re pregnant. Just speak your insecurities. That may sound something like this: “Nothing fits me anymore and I don’t even look the same. I definitely don’t feel as pretty as I used to.” When you express this to him, he is likely to start complimenting you more and go out of his way to help you feel more like yourself. Once you see that your partner loves you and still finds you gorgeous, your insecurities should fade more. If you have a friend or family member that gives amazing pep talks, consider bringing this issue to them for some loving support.

Many women also talk about their insecurities on pregnancy forums. When other women reply, you will see that you’re not alone in your insecurities and users may even offer specific advice or encouragement.

Pregnancy Beauty Tips

Once you’ve started to view pregnancy beauty in a different light, pampering and treating yourself can also make you feel special. Here are some pregnancy beauty tips:


1. Drink lots of water:

You must have heard your doctor asking you to drink lots of water. It helps to flush out toxins from the body as well as maintain the sufficient amniotic fluid in the sac for the baby to be comfortable.

2. Eat the right foods:

From personal experience, it is extremely important to eat right and healthy. The growing fetus needs the necessary nutrients for its overall development and so do you. Beauty is not only about the exteriors, the internal organs should be functioning well too to make your skin glow.


3. Maintain a good skin regime:

It is totally understandable that pregnancy might make you lethargic and you might want somebody else to do a lot of things for you. Having said that, those nine months are really meant for you to get pampered and spend some time by yourself because once the baby’s out, you wouldn’t even know how time flew and you are suddenly 60.


4. Opt for a healthy lifestyle:

There are many pregnancy classes conducted by hospitals and private institutions where they teach many pregnancy related exercises and yoga that helps to keep your nerves as well as prepare you for labour. It is a wonderful experience to meet other expecting mothers and share your insights. Make sure you get enough rest and sleep to overcome the stress of increasing weight and hormonal changes.


5. Dress to enhance your curves:

Pregnant women, very often shall look disoriented and clumsy. Well, they do have an easy excuse of being pregnant and people totally understand that. But times are changing and following your favourite pregnant celebrities, you can easily lean that it does not take much effort to look simple yet beautiful. Wear clothes that are comfortable and that accentuate your curves. Take cue from many pictures flooded with pregnant celebrities.

6. Maintain the right weight:

Some of us might just take due advantage of binging on anything because we’re pregnant. But that does not mean you accumulate pounds of fat. This pregnancy fat is anyway not helping your baby grow. So, it is best you avoid too much junk food and stress on nutritious diet.


7. Use the right makeup tricks:

Makeup can conceal any blot on your face, also the dark circles and pale looking skin which some of us develop during pregnancy. Use the right makeup products for your skin and look fresh even when you feel down and out. Indeed beauty for pregnant women is also essential!


8.Preventing Stretch Marks

If you’re insecure about the stretch marks you may develop, there are a few things you can do to minimize the chances:

  • Massage belly. Massage your belly every day with a stretch mark cream, vitamin E oil, coconut oil or cocoa butter.
  • Take zinc. Since zinc is used in the production of collagen, a lack of it could lead to stretch marks. You can get your daily zinc through foods like chicken, eggs, nuts and whole grains, or you can also take a supplement.
  • Healthy habits. Eating a balanced diet and incorporating some type of exercise into your routine will ensure you are gaining weight at a slow pace, which will also help minimize stretch marks.

No matter how nauseated and tired you feel, it is in our hands to make this wonderful journey of giving birth to a life, a wonderful and beautiful experience.
Happy pregnancy and follow these “Pregnancy Beauty Tips” for pregnant women.

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