How to take care of hands and feet in winter

Cold, windy weather as well as dry indoor heat can really dehydrate your skin in the wintertime. And though many women worry most about the skin on their faces, you shouldn’t neglect your hands and feet either. Follow these tips to take care of your hands and feet in the winter.

How to take care of the hands in winters

Are your hands dry and irritated from the cold weather and frequent hand washing?

During this time of year, it is important to pay close attention to the health of your skin – especially your hands.  The heating in your home takes moisture out of the air, thus taking the moisture out of your skin.  Here are some tips to help take care of your hands:

  1. Drink plenty of water, and consider using a humidifier to put moisture back into the air.
  2. Use petroleum based lotions/creams at home.  Creams are actually better than lotions since many lotions contain alcohol, which further dries out the skin. (If you are a health care provider, use water-based lotions at work.  When at home, use heavy duty hand cream to soothe and hydrate.)
  3. Use tepid water to wash hands, and wash gently.  Hot water only dries out the skin.
  4. Wear appropriate protective gloves when washing cars or dishes, scrubbing the tub or doing any kind of work with an increased risk of damaging hands.
  5. Wear gloves or mittens anytime you are outside during the winter, even while driving.
  6. If your hands are chapped and the skin is broken, slather your hands with Neosporin or any triple antibiotic ointment. Broken skin allows infections to enter your body and cause illness.

natural ways to take care of the hands in winters

1. Moisturization for softer hands

Moisturization is very crucial for the skin especially when the weather is dry in winters. Skin feels dry and flaky when the proper moisturization is not there. Therefore, to keep the hands in good condition, do apply moisturiser on the hands, once you come out from the bath. A good hand cream is a must in winters.

2. Care for Cuticles

In winters, some of us can notice dry cuticles which peel off and can also be painful. Dry cuticles look bad and spoil the manicure, making hands look unpolished. Taking care for the cuticles is very easy when you follow some beauty tips for hands regularly. Apply Olive oil on the cuticles at night to keep them hydrate and nourish so that they do not lay dried up.

3. Nail care

Nails are very much an important part of your hands, hence taking care of hands is not complete without paying attention to the nails. Keep the nails in shape and to prevent them from being brittle always add a base coat.

4. Homemade hand lotion

As we have mentioned that in winters, skin needs extra moisture therefore, regular application of moisturisers and lotions is required. You can use the ones that are available in the market or make one at home for the softer hands. Taking care of the hands in winters will not be difficult with this homemade hand lotion.

How to take care of the feet in winters

Winter is the time when your skin goes for a toss. Foot care tips in winter are very important. You must know how to take care of your skin in winter. Most people do not take the efforts to take care of their feet during winter season. But you must know how important it is to follow the feet care tips in winter. Read on to know how to take care of feet during winter. These feet care tips for winter season will be helpful to you.

1.Wear the Right Socks

Before putting on your winter shoes, take a minute to slip on the right pair of socks. Thick, warm socks can help prevent your feet from getting too cold and can keep them dry on snowy and icy days.

2.Moisturize Regularly

Skin can get very dry during the harsh winter months. Although you might think about using lotion on your arms and hands, however, you might forget about your feet. To help prevent cracking and discomfort, use a rich lotion or foot cream on your clean, dry feet on a daily basis.

3.Wear the Right Shoes

Wearing the right shoes is very important to prevent injury and to stay as comfortable as possible during the day. Look for shoes that are designed for what you will be using them for; if you will be running, for example, you should look for running shoes. Also, make sure that your shoes offer plenty of arch support; otherwise, you could injure yourself.

4.Give Them a Rest

Standing all day can be painful and even detrimental to the health of your feet. When possible, sit down and prop up your feet or soak them in a foot bath; giving yourself this rest will help prevent injuries. If you wear high-heeled shoes or other uncomfortable footwear, consider wearing comfortable flats at least a couple of days out of the week; your feet will thank you.

5.Exercise Your Feet

Before venturing out into the cold, give your feet a bit of exercise; doing so can help you avoid joint pain and other issues. Doing calf exercises, moving your feet in a circular motion and doing leg lifts can help. You do not have to dedicate hours to your exercise routine, but try to get your blood flowing before heading out into the winter weather.

6.Understand the Importance of Proper Foot Care

Taking care of your feet is important; this is especially true if you are diabetic or suffer from other health-related issues that could affect your feet or legs. Along with following these tips during the winter, make sure that you take good care of your feet all year long. Also, make sure to see a podiatrist if you notice anything wrong with your feet or are in pain.


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