How To Remove Dandruff

Annoyed by those disgusting looking flakes on your pretty black dress?I felt the same way too! The white flaky scalp and itching sensation that comes with dandruff is definitely not something you want. If you are suffering from dandruff, I have good news for you! Now, you can wear whatever color you want to with ‘elan’ because I have found the best solutions to treat dandruff, that too with ingredients lying right on your kitchen shelf.

In this article,see “How To Remove Dandruff

Reasons Why you Get Dandruff

We treat the symptoms but hardly pay heed to the causes. Now, if you find out the causes,treatment is a cake walk and the chances of it returning become far lesser. A few lifestyle changes and simple habits can help you get to the bottom of the problem. There are some simple everyday habits which can impact or aggravate our dandruff problem, here’s what they are:

  • You are too stressed- We often do not understand that we are stressed until it becomes a chronic problem. Even if it is a little hard to believe, stress causes dandruff.  Stress impacts your immune system and the result is a dandruff flare up. If the tension in the workplace, or at home is getting a bit much to handle, you might have to take steps to reduce it. Try yoga, meditation and pranayama. It works, do give it a try.
  • Poor brushing technique- If you are one of those who feels too lazy to follow a few beauty rituals before hitting the sack, beware, you might face skin and hair issues,including dandruff. Regular brushing of hair helps get rid of the accumulated dead skin cells. Once you get rid of them, there are fewer chances of a dandruff occurrence. Brushing or combing twice a day activates the blood circulation in the scalp, which ensures that you have problem free healthy hair.
  • Improper shampooing technique- We shampoo our hair but more often than not we do it with haste, not washing our hair well. It is important to shampoo every alternate day to get rid of the dirt and greasiness accumulating on the scalp, but it is also important that you use lots of water so that no residue is left on your hair. Chemical residues from the shampoo and conditioners often cause dandruff. So remember to wash your hair well, and also use a mild herbal shampoo which will cause minimum damage to your hair.

The Most Important Causes of Dandruff

  • The innumerable shampoos and oils do not really help if you do not get to the bottom of things; that is, find out the underlying cause. The following can be a real eye-opener for you and help you prevent or control the rather irritating symptoms of dandruff.
  • Yeast- People who are sensitive to yeast suffer from dandruff the most, so it must be true that yeast plays a big part in causing dandruff. This is one reason why people get dandruff during the winters and not so much during the summers, as the heat of the sun stops the yeast from proliferating. Also, when the skin becomes dry due to the harsh cold winds and overheated rooms, dandruff gets aggravated.
  • Irritated oily skin- People who suffer from seborrheic dermatitis or oily skin are more prone to dandruff. This kind of condition not only affects the scalp, but also the eyebrows, nose, back of the ears and so on. This kind of condition is characterized by greasy skin along with yellow or white flakes.
  • Stop overly using styling products- Some hair styling products like pomades, can exacerbate the dandruff problem. Cut back on this kind of styling products, which build up on your hair and scalp and cause oiliness.
  • Watch your diet- Though the diet you follow may not directly trigger of a dandruff flare-up, some of foods high in saturated fats and Trans fats can activate the sebaceous oil glands, causing the problem of dandruff to worsen. This is why you should aim to include more MUFAs or mono saturated fatty acids into your diet to stave off dandruff.

Home Remedies for Dandruff


Vinegar helps in treating itchy, dry skin and also helps to kill dandruff-causing fungus and bacteria. The acidic content of vinegar is supremely beneficial to drastically reduce flaking.

2.Baking Soda
Baking soda, acts as a scrub and exfoliates the scalp gently, without irritating it and removing dead skin cells. Exfoliation is essential to ensure there is no build up of  flakes on the scalp that make dandruff even more visible. “Baking soda, along with its exfoliation and anti-fungal properties, also soothes the scalp and reduces redness and itching.”

You can simply add some baking soda to your shampoo while washing hair to derive its benefits.

3.Drink Water 

Often the lack of enough water in our bodies causes dry skin, and this is one of the many reasons to drink water! It is very important to drink plenty of water daily to help your overall health as well as the dryness of your skin and scalp.

4.Coconut Oil

Because coconut oil contains medium-chain fatty acids, including lauric acid and capric acid, it has strong antiviral, antimicrobial and antifungal properties. These properties help target and kill the fungus and any viruses or bacteria that may exist. In many, results can occur within just a week or so.

5.Garlic- Garlic has almost reached superfood status, it keeps at bay a number of diseases, and can also reduce dandruff as it has anti-fungal properties.Crush one or two garlic cloves till gets powdered; and blend with the honey till you form a smooth paste. Gently massage this paste onto your scalp, let your it soak in the goodness of the garlic and then wash off with a mild shampoo.

6.Egg Yolks- If you have an itchy scalp and dandruff, the best way to get rid of this problem is by using egg yolks. The amino acids content of egg yolks is what works in its favor. It strengthens your hair and rejuvenates hair health, besides eliminating dandruff.Here is what you need to do, collect the yolks of two eggs and beat them well. Blend in the juice extracted from one small lemon. Apply this mixture onto your scalp and let it stay for five minutes and then wash off with plain water and a mild shampoo.

7.Egg oil- Some people are really put off by the strong smell of eggs. But they can still reap the benefits of eggs if they use egg oil. Packed with protein and amino acid content, it is the best way to get rid of dandruff minus the overwhelming smell and mess.
Massage egg oil into your hair for 10 minutes and let it stay there for the night. Then, shampoo off the next morning using a mild herbal shampoo. Follow this treatment for 12 weeks to see astonishing results.

8.Henna- Henna is not only a natural alternative coloring agent but also a great way to get rid of a bacterial infection. It helps reduce the oiliness of your scalp and keeps your hair scrupulously clean.
Mix 4 tablespoons of fine henna powder with the juice of a lime and add curd to the mixture. Blend well to avoid the lumps. Make a smooth paste and take care that it does not drip. Apply this mixture on the hair carefully, covering your roots to tips. Keep the pack on for at least 30 minutes and rinse off with a mild herbal shampoo. If you have dry hair, make sure you use a conditioner afterward.

To Avoid Dandruff, Avoid These Things

Many commercial shampoos contain chemicals that are harmful, and dandruff shampoos are even worse. And within shampoos and hair products, make sure you avoid parabens, sodium laureth or lauryl sulfate.

For how to get rid of dandruff diet-wise, it’s important to minimize your sugar intake and to avoid processed foods and processed oils like corn, soy, canola, safflower and sunflower


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