how to reduce facial wrinkles at home

For many people, the quest for younger-looking skin is a constant battle. Pharmaceutical companies have produced countless numbers of expensive pills, lotions, and masks that boast the ability to prevent or reduce the signs of aging, but at what cost?

Bombarding skin cells with harsh chemicals can have counterproductive effects which may not appear for many years, but eventually the damage shows itself in the form of skin disease, accelerated aging, and toxic build up in other organs.

Fortunately, there are natural alternatives for combating wrinkles which are effective, inexpensive, and 100% better for your body.


Our skin has two layers: the epidermis (outer layer) and the dermis (below the epidermis). Wrinkles happen in the dermis. The dermis is made up of collagen and other proteins. As we age, our bodies produce less collagen. The collagen is what makes our skin elastic and smooth. Less collagen results in saggy skin with wrinkles. Lots of factors contribute to this process. Here are some:

  • Sun damage
  • Smoking
  • Dehydration
  • Poor nutrition
  • Facial expressions (laughing, squinting, etc.)
  • Pollution and toxins
  • Natural aging
  • Sleeping on your side ( with your cheek pushed against your pillow)



Studies have shown that cigarette smoke is damaging to your skin, among the very long list of other harmful effects. If you are frequently exposed to secondhand smoke, find ways to avoid it. Secondhand is actually worse than smoking because there is no filter between the toxic chemicals and your lungs.

Smoking accelerates aging, in fact, research has found that on average, smokers look 1.4 years older than non-smokers. That’s because it hampers that blood supply that keeps your skin tissues looking supple and healthy. Cigarette smoke not only contributes to wrinkles, but it can cause the skin to look gray and gaunt. It contains carbon monoxide, which displaces the oxygen in the skin, and nicotine, which reduces blood flow, and leaves the skin dry and discolored. Smoking cigarettes also depletes many nutrients, like that all-important vitamin C, which helps protect and repair skin damage.If you currently smoke and want to quit in order to reduce signs of aging, try chewing on licorice root to reduce cravings. There is a wealth of information that can be found online to help, do a little research and you’re likely to find one that works for you.

2.Don’t Overwash

The idea that one should wash their face several times each day in order to maintain a beautiful, youthful appearance is something we now know to be untrue. Chemicals in most tap water will strip your face of protective oils without the help of soap. Even if your skin feels greasy and you’re hoping to fight off a breakout, you can still overwash your face, and you might even cause infection. As over-washing strips natural oils, it ends up causing the opposite of what you want to have happen – the skin produces even more oils, so you will find yourself battling a losing battle.Try to keep to one or two washings a day at most.


Ladies, admit it. How many different bottles of “miracle” moisturizers are in your bathroom? I know I went through a ton of expensive products until I learned about these magical and natural products. I started using oils instead of lotions and creams about 2 years ago & my skin has never been better!

  • Coconut oil – Coconut oil is an amazing oil. It is very moisturizing when used topically and reduces age spots, wrinkles, and cellulite (I can testify that it did attack my cellulite! It didn’t zap all of the cellulite away like magic, but it did reduce it within a month). I use coconut oil with vitamin E as a body moisturizer and my makeup remover  Vitamin E is a topical antioxidant.
  • Argan oil – I moisturize my face with argan oil  Argan oil is a drier oil than coconut oil. I know many people use coconut oil on their face, but it is too oily for my complexion. So I use argan. Argan oil is also very moisturizing, full of antioxidants, and a natural anti-inflammatory.


While we are sleeping, our bodies produce HGH (human growth hormone). This hormone is what induces growth and cell reproduction (including skin cells). When we don’t get enough sleep, our bodies produce cortisol, a stress hormone. Cortisol slows growth, tissue maintenance, and results in dry skin. The more sleep you get, the more HGH you produce. As we age, we produce less HGH. So we have to “work” (ummm….. I mean sleep!) a little harder to get that magical stuff.

Instead of battling wrinkles with expensive creams and medical procedures, why not give these natural remedies a try?

Egg whites
Whip up several egg whites in a small bowl. Massage onto your skin, allowing to sit and dry at least 15 minutes. Rinse off with warm water and let the natural B vitamins and rich Vitamin E work their rejuvenating magic.

Olive oil
Natural olive oil can help your skin stay soft and supple. Gently massage a few drops on your face before bedtime and rinse with a soft towel. You’ll wake to skin that’s soft and healthy looking.

Using your favorite gentle lotion, take a few minutes to give your face a massage with a firm but gentle touch. Focus on problem areas like your neck, under your eyes, and your forehead. For a treat, visit a reputable spa for a relaxing facial that concentrates on your problem areas.

Fruits and vegetables
Fresh fruits and vegetables filled with Vitamins A and D will help to plump your skin and make it seem to glow from the inside. Sip on fresh vegetable juice from your local juice bar or make your own fresh fruit and vegetable drinks at home.

Lemon juice
Slice a lemon and massage the juice into fine lines and wrinkles on your face. The acidity of lemon helps skin look brighter while reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Breathe in deeply for the added aromatherapy bonus of fresh citrus to revive your senses.

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